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Some links to learn a bit more about Gincla and its region (french speaking only) :

Hôtellerie du grand duc : http://www.host-du-grand-duc.com

Bed and breakfast : http://membres.lycos.fr/bruchet/chambre.htm#chambres

Organize your tour in Languedoc-Roussillon : http://www.languedoc.visite.org//FR

Classified holidays renting : Locations vacances particuliers. Location de vacances et petites annonces de location saisonnière.

Vacances Pyrénées Info : Ville de Gincla

Axat canton villages community : http://www.pays-axat.org

Aude tourism authority : http://www.audetourisme.com

Turism Office of Quillan : http://www.aude-en-pyrenees.fr

The towns of France : http://www.lescommunes.com

Pyrenean confederation of tourism : http://www.lespyrenees.net

Cathare country association site : http://www.payscathare

Work for reference : Vilatges al País

Towns of France : http://www.ville-de-france.fr

Aude upper valley country : http://www.payshva.org

Rally of former cars : http://www.leslongscapots.midiblogs.com

For sportsmen :

Pyrene Rafting Association : http://www.pyrenerafting.com

Sportive activities of Roc Aqua : http://www.rocaqua.com

Fishing in Aude : http://www.aude-peche-loisirs.com

Eau Vive Passion / sudrfating : http://sport.118000.fr

French Trekking federation : http://www.ffrp.asso.fr

Fly fishing in Gincla : http://www.gobages.com

Aude rafting : http://www.r-rafting.com

And indispensable links :

Organize your routes : Via Michelin

General encyclopedia : Wikipédia

Virtual visits : Google Maps ; and here to directly reach : Gincla